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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  February 11, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>that our top story tonight, those in mainland china are now reporting there are 97 new deaths and a further fall in new cases of the deadly corona virus. the death toll has now surpassed 1000 people, although central government level officials in china have lost their jobs state media reported today. but the top health officials in one of the provinces there the hubei province home to the epicenter of wuhan have been relieved of their duties. no reasons were given although the provinces initial response was deemed slow and ineffective so far a total of 42,638 virus infections have been recorded on the chinese mainland meantime back here at home east bay health officials are closely monitoring the global spread of the corona virus from forcefully all reports
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that it hasn't reached contra costa county. >>but the county is prepared to treat any potential cases. >>as the death toll rises in 2019 novel corona virus cases in china contra costa county health officer doctor chris firnat says local schools and hospitals are prepared if the virus reaches the east bay, it's a virus that causes fever and respiratory symptoms. i sometimes it can. >>cause severe illness like but and as more we learn about it many times it's just causing very mild symptoms. he says county health services and the health department are working closely with the centers for disease control and prevention to screen people who have recently traveled to and from china through a diet route. the including. >>7 in a california, the most recent one was in a federal park or in team here in san diego, but none reported so far in contra costa county travelers who've returned from
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china since a february 3rd. >>are being asked by the federal government to south korean changes to stay at home and to stay away from work and school. >>and monitor themselves for symptoms symptoms that include coughing fever and respiratory problems signed similar to the common cold and flu. we're in the middle of cold and flu season, so there's lots of people who are. >>coming down with respiratory symptoms and most of those people do not have corona virus in fact if you look at all the folks have been tested by the cdc for corona virus. the vast majority more than 90% of them have tested negative. he also says it's unclear if warmer temperatures will weaken the novel corona virus. >>and its potential to spread it's really too early to tell whether will be able to control it or not rather becomes one of those annual viruses again circulating around in contra costa county felipe should all kron 4 news. >>the virus. they're working hard looks like by april you
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know in theory when it gets a little warmer. miraculously go to that's true. >>president trump says the corona virus will be gone by april when the weather gets warmer during a rally in new hampshire, he suggested the outbreak would be gone by springtime though he did not offer any scientific explanation to back up his claim. >>tonight japan's health ministry reports that there are 39 new cases, corona virus on the diamond cruise ship princess cruise ship that is that brings the total there up to a 174 cases that ship is quarantined at a japanese port. the ministry also said the virus was confirmed in an official who participated in the initial corn team checks the night, the ship returned to the port near tokyo on february 3rd. the quarantine officials being treated in the hospital now, the new cases bring japan's total to 203 people infected by the virus which is now being called coal
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19 and joining us now from our newsroom is our grant lotus he has more on the epidemic and how rapidly the virus is spreading grant that jr it's actually. >>spreading a little less rapidly according to health officials but we are seeing more cases the rate though of the cases is slowing down just a minute and that is good news at least big picture we still have to get through it. but china as we mention 97 new deaths that is the latest reporting out of mainland china tonight, you have just 2 deaths outside of mainland china one in hong kong. another in the philippines and there is an interactive map that researchers at johns hopkins university created which allows people to track the info in real time and you see the spread of it here this is the epicenter. this right here in the will be the who've a province, a wuhan china is where this started and where more than 1000 people have died total here deaths to see
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1115. total confirmed cases more than 45,000 and nearly 5,000 people have recovered so there is some good news. this is a severely deadly a virus but like the flu it can kill you and as you scroll across here you see different parts of europe that have been infected most countries and then in the us of course you have the 13 cases now with the latest case on the military base down here in san diego if you'd like to check out the link for yourself you can do so we've posted a link on our website kron 4 dot com pam jr back to you. >>thanks so much. brent, let's get a check of the weather around the bay is standing by with the 4 zone forecast and he still searching for some rain. >>usually not too hard to find in february but this year entirely different out there it is dry right now of course, no worries about any delays at sfo oakland or san jose just nice and clear out there and
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that's what's going to stay all night long looking good all the way to the golden gate bridge. we are going to see him to some changes coming our way but no rain drops just yet but maybe we'll get some changes over the weekend here still the temperatures pretty mild out there still warm. santa rosa still checking in a 71 degrees 69 in concord 67 in livermore 64 in san jose, 61 in oakland and 62 degrees in san francisco. tomorrow afternoon, the still going to start to cool down temperatures least along the coastline, 16 to san francisco, but you're still looking at the mid 60's in oakland. he was 70 degrees in san jose. here's our long-range forecast model want to watch it happening here we've had this big almost persistent dome of high pressure not only in february but a good part of january setting all the jet stream and the storm is well to the north you have a weak system kind of slide to the bay area befall part breeze a few high clouds for tomorrow, but no one on the way as we get into thursday again the system will be shredded apart by that ridge of high pressure so just behind some clouds on sunday, this is a change from yesterday the model started
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trying point some rain rolling into the bay area that moving in possibly bringing some showers into our skies over the weekend so here we go on the ballot times day we are going to cool down the temperatures a bit and then looks like over the weekend, partly cloudy skies slight chance of showers on sunday. >>some of the biggest names in college sports came before congress today to work on a uniform approach for paying athletes, i'm just eaten or in washington and on that story coming up. >>plus state lawmakers head to the capitol to discuss the upcoming census count. we have as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad,
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that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. mik'mike will get it done?'n, ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is.
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>>lawmakers grilled california census officials at a hearing today at the state capitol our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains why. >>the joint committee of state lawmakers tuesday held a hearing essentially as the final count down in preparation for the 2020 census we want to mow state lawmakers diving into the state's million census outreach plan california spending 6 times more than any other state to make sure it gets its fair share of federal funding and legislative districts, lawmakers pressing state sen says officials to provide what specific outreach numbers and efforts are underway with the senses now 3 weeks out the panelists couldn't give specifics tuesday, we started out very early to do this to the staff of working on this. i just
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don't know why we can't have a better sense of where we're at census officials say the hardest to count may need to be contacted up to 12 times but some lawmakers concerned their districts have yet to be touched i live in a hard count community and i got to say i haven't seen anything. i i've been touched 6 times by the bernie sanders campaign and i have been touch once by the census states and says officials say the money is being dispersed across counties on community organizations to help with outreach along with media adds 10 says officials promised to soon follow up with specific plans and numbers state lawmakers are also bracing themselves for the first digital census california is using the data tool called sword, which officials say will help track the hard to count we feel confident we for providing the appropriate level of technical assistance and then we have the resources in place in order to me any challenges state officials say they'll start sending out invitations to fill out the census form online starting march 12th in sacramento,
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ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>up next kron four's highlighting incredible women throughout the bay area. tonight we'll tell you how one local woman is changing the lives of hundreds of homeless animals every day. budget, i lead the charge. and for this multitasking number cruncher, time is money. so, no more chasing sales. because at floor and decor, i get rock-bottom prices on top-quality products. and with free in-store design services, i score expert advice and project planning.
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not like free with purchase either, like free-free. mission accomplished. now that's time well spent. explore floor and decor in person or online at
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >>starting tonight kron 4 is profiling for remarkable bay area women as part of a nationwide series by our parent company next our broadcasting it is all to
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honor amazing achievements as part of women's history month in march. >>kron 4 will pick one winner from our for remarkable women to receive an all expense paid trip to the middle robin show in new york city, first up a shirley zindler on the clock and off she's been rescuing animals her whole life how forcefully to go met with her at her home in sebastopol where she spends her days fostering and rehabilitating animals to get them ready for adoption. >>sleep for shirley zindler is secondary. she wakes up every 2 hours to feed the animals, she's fostering. at any given time she houses up to 10 adult dogs and some 20 puppies and cats spread out these pages and pet condos throughout her home in sebastopol similar spent 30 years working in shelters and as an animal control officer for sonoma county vote. but a heart condition forced an early retirement, it's more hours.
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>>and i don't get paid but it's also very rewarding. >>by the support of her husband and with her 2 grown children living elsewhere 4 years ago zindler founded the nonprofit organization dogwood animal rescue turning your house into a shelter during the fires we we house the animals that were evacuated. during the floods. we house the animals the dedicated network of more than 200 volunteers, she takes pets in arranges for them to be spayed or neutered and cares for them until the animals are ready for adoption betting on one and letters for saving thousands of lives far more than we could ever save just through rescue in 4 years she says her group is save more than a 1000 animals from death to and receives up to 20 request today from people either needing help with a rescue or assistance addressing a pet's health, it's just such a team like we've all pulled together to make this happen and i have had people tell me that i inspire them but they inspire me to similar knows not every
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animal can be saved and she can't help every don't tell her that ever her life is everything and she's in the business of saving lives in sebastopol felipe could all kron 4 news the winner will be announced in early march and you can watch the mill robin show right here on for far as 3 o'clock. >>well for your money jetblue is celebrating its 20th anniversary with $20 one-way fares. the options are extremely limited though the deal requires travelers to depart on a tuesday or wednesday, and there are some blackout dates. there are some good deals though for the bay area, a one-way ticket from oakland to long beach is $59 from sfo is 54 and a one-way ticket from sfo to new york is $144. the 2 day sale ends tomorrow night. >>well dozens of states could soon follow california's lead in the effort to pay college
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athletes just eaten or reports on the debate in washington today over a federal standard. >>the nc double a is late. >>to this game senator richard blumenthal says the nca which makes about a billion dollars a year has dropped the ball and should be compensating student athletes the president's state of college sports is exploited to make the nca act faster blumenthal wants more states to pass laws like california's allowing athletes to profit off their names images and likenesses of with the national college players association is behind many of these proposals college athletes shouldn't be forced to sacrifice their economic freedom and rights human told a senate committee tuesday. it's a job the states can handle. but as president mark emmert once a uniform standard different laws from various states. >>will create an even an unfair playing field for our schools and student athletes, the nca is 3 divisions house more than a 1000 schools in nearly half a million student
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athletes members of congress are working on multiple ways to develop federal legislation including former ohio state football player congressman anthony gonzalez, an award-winning full scholarship chemist can accept any financial rewards that may come her way. >>but the fastest runner on the track team cannot but athletic conference as college sports is not a vocation and senators to make sure that no one is left out still haven't settled on the right solution. >>as the mta's biggest moneymaker march madness. it sure to bring even more attention to the issue in washington, i'm just eaten or. >>the san francisco chamber of commerce announced the 2020 class of inductees into the bay area sports hall of fame exciting time kron four's kate rooney was at the ceremony and introduces us to the new class. >>today the san francisco chamber of commerce and the bay area sports hall of fame announced their class of 2020 and it is a star-studded list to say the least already announced had been 40 niners
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defensive lineman bright young the first sailor ever to be inducted paul k yard olympic swimmer natalie coughlin ricky henderson a's left fielder and bruce bocce beloved manager for the san francisco giants when you think about you about bright bright young and that we ca i mean there's some great names obviously bruce bocce communities tired after you know these wonderful years with the giants and ricky henderson in the ricky i mean it means is royalty in this portion of the is one of them and his name has always been out there before but this is one year these able to be here and we're excited about it says it's going to be wonderful class learn my craft on our beautiful day here in san francisco and literally took my skills around the world so to bring it full circle and be inducted in the bay area sports hall of fame as the icing on the cake for the class of 2020 will officially be inducted with the big banquet at the saint francis hotel in downtown san francisco on may 11th will have continuing coverage of
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this all-star class leading up until then in union square kate rooney kron 4 well the warriors new guy andrew wiggins was busy at practice today mark and kate will set you up for bay area sports night by discussing the dubs newest addition. >>that is coming up. >>plus house speaker nancy pelosi makes good on a super bet what she gifted to a missouri congressman and clyde. >>clear skies out there right now still some pretty mild temperatures till how long will this spring weather last we'll talk about that growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>plus to talk about with the lawyers tonight the hour mark carpenter kate really join us now from the set of bay area sports night making that shift into from football. back to basketball. >>yes, and now as when all eyes are on the nba. what is happening around the association, the golden state warriors approaching the all-star break have one more game before they air take a week off the kind of recharge a little bit but one story line we want to talk about as you know they just acquired andrew wiggins k a are you amazed at how quickly he has 15 to the warriors system, i mean the whole d'angelo russell transaction was a matter of fit. >>now weekend it seemed very seamless does seem like he's a little bit of a better fit so far i mean we we saw him come in and scored 24 points last night against the heat so clearly he's a figured out what his role at least this year is going to down the
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stretch here for the warriors yeah kind of the theme with what we get is talking about is a you know what we did learn the system now so when steph curry and klay thompson full-strength get back into the mix it's all looking great so we talking some oreos will also be talking about the bay area sports hall of fame the 2020 class is announced area sports night 7 o'clock on the kron on app so back to you daryn all right looking for to get >>well house speaker nancy pelosi made good on her super bowl bet with missouri representative emanuel cleaver pelosi gave cleaver some california delicacies like erudite chocolates allman's and pistachios she of course still praised her hometown the san francisco, 49 ers saying the team played a great game. pelosi but the forty-niners would be cleavers team in super bowl 54. if the 49 ers had prevailed cleaver would and had to give pelosi kansas city barbecue and chocolates lawrence.
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>>guys clear skies around the bay area now that's what it's going to stay all night long, you're looking good. up toward the golden gate bridge is high pressure just sticking overhead without that offshore wind of course the winds kind of dying down and that's the good news, the temperatures still very nice. a lot of 50's and 60's outside even 68 degrees still in antioch tomorrow, we're looking at another nice table of some high clouds overhead temperatures cooling along the coastline. temperatures likely to drop off over the next few days little breezy on valentine's day slight chance of showers. >>something all right. thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight at 6.
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what did you just call me? >> you lying dog-faced pony soldier. >> what the college student who had a run-in with joe biden is telling only "inside edition." >> i was pretty humiliated. >> then. debz surprising development in the missing kids investigation. and the american citizens are allowed to leave the coronavirus quarantine. >> as you can see, we're getting on a bus, heading home. >> then just released. the kobe bryant death certificate. what it reveals. then. >> the defense rests in the harvey weinstein trial.


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